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Trail Building & Maintenance – a series of thoughts

Posted on 25-04-2014 13:41, by Grant B

Here is the first in a series of my thoughts on some aspects of trail building and maintenance in the Sydney area…

Why don’t more people get involved?

Everyone likes to go mountain biking, but why doesn’t everyone like to help out and maintain the infrastructure we need to ride our bikes?

At any given time there are always things to be done on almost every trail we ride. It might just be moving a few sticks off a line to prevent derailleurs or spokes being damaged or using the good old foot shovel to scrape a drainage nick free of leaves and sediment. But why can’t everyone do even these small jobs?

These can all be dragged off the track by one person

In discussions with various stakeholders, the common theme that appears to b...


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BMORC Rake & Ride - The Oaks

Posted on 21-04-2014 18:57, by ChopStiR (per Michael Hampson)

Blue Mountains Off Road Cyclists are holding a Rake & Ride at the Legendary Oaks Trail. This is a great opportunity to meet the team who championed and helped create the recently (officially sanctioned) Knapsack trails and are helpign to launch a new section of the Oaks...

When: Sunday, 25 May, 2014 - 09:00

The meeting time is 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

Duration: 6 hours

Come: Rain or Shine - someone from BMORC wil be there! 

Meeting Point: Meeting and ...


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Mont 24 & Tathra Enduro - Rescheduled

Posted on 11-04-2014 17:21, by Self Propelled Enterprises, Tathra MTB Club


Hello riders. Over the past few days we have received many emails from participants regarding the cancellation of the Mont 24 and our subsequent offer. There has also been considerable debate and venting of opinion on social media. We have read it all and we have listened (to the good, the bad and the ugly). It is clear that you would prefer to race and it also is clear that if you couldn’t race that some form of refund would be preferable to discounts on future events. We are concerned that some have misconstrued the offer as anything other than genuine. We apologise for this, as we had no intention to offend.

We have discussed a variety of options to remedy the situation and have determined that the only way to make the most people happy is to run the race. While this comes at significant cost, we believe it is the outcome most preferred by participants. This is supported by the correspondence we have received.



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Mont 24 and the future of mtbs events?

Posted on 10-04-2014 19:46, by Self Propelled Enterprises, Grant B

Over the past weekend the Mont 24 event had been cancelled due to poor weather conditions. A few years ago this happened to a few events and there was some disquiet about money lost by entrants. I lost about $2k in race entries, accommodation, travel expenses, etc over a year or so but accepted that cancelling a race was the best option for the track and the organisers had spent some money on organising the events leading up to the dates. In accepting those decisions though, I had decided I wouldn't be entering anymore races. I don't want to lose more money.

Now people seem to be extremely upset with Self Propelled Enterprises and have called the ACCC and Fair Trading. It also appears that SPE have been removing negative comments from their facebook page. This looks to be escalting very quickly in a very bad way.

There are a number of good questions being raised. Does SPE have insurance that covers them to permit a refund of some amount to be mad...


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Old Mans Valley Stage 2 update

Posted on 01-04-2014 19:13, by SNORC

Stage 2 Update

The major construction work is completed. The plan is now to allow it to compact before Dirt Art return in a month to touch is up, fine tune things and remedy anything thats not working as it should. Before they come back the plan is to open it to limited numbers who will aid in compacting it down. The temporary signage being put up this weekend is part of this process. We will email you when it is opened for riding.

It's always impossible to design again idgets but unfortunately stage 2 (being very soft and very wet of late) has had some damage due to riding in the mud. Please encourage fellow riders to do the right thing and keep off any trail if they are forming ruts. Also tell them to come along to a maintenance day to help repair the damage.

Build Day this Saturday 2PM Ol...


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40kms of new mtb trails!

Posted on 23-03-2014 19:45, by Mitcham & Hills Messenger

THE final stage of a $1.5 million, decade-long plan to create 40kms of bike and walking trails linking the Mitcham Hills to the plains will be completed next year.

Design work for a series of trails in Randell Park has begun and construction is expected to start early next year after Mitcham Council secured a $200,000 State Government grant last month.

Plans at the 47 ha reserve include new walking and mountain bike tracks, sign posting and mapping, trail entrance upgrades, landscaping and fencing.

Randell Park is the last reserve to be completed under Mitcham’s Mountain Bike Strategy, which started in 2005 to combat a spike in the number of people risking their lives riding on illegal tracks.

Mountain Bike SA member Joff Medder said riders were pleased the council was close to completing the long-awaited project.

Once completed the 40km network will extend through Blackwood Hill Reserve, Magpie Gul...


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New adventures in store for 2014 edition of Chocolate Foot's Singletrack Mind Series

Posted on 19-03-2014 20:06, by Joe Ward, Fiona Dick

New adventures in store for 2014 edition of Chocolate Foot's Singletrack Mind Series

Heading into its 5th big year Chocolate Foot's Singletrack Mind Series has become a must-do series of quality events for mountain bikers on the east coast. Chocolate Foot relish giving riders new and exciting riding experiences, and in 2014 the series will feature two new venues, one of which has never been raced before.

Taree will again host the opening event and after the rave reviews about the Kiwarrak State Forest trails, Chocolate Foot is anticipating an impressive field on the start line come 18 May. At the race in April last year, Australian Mountain Bike Magazine's Jason Dreggs had nothing but praise for the work that the local club had put in, "These are the best trails I've ever ridden, and that's the honest truth". Flow MTB's Chris Southwood said "The stoke factor is very, very high ... the local club up here ...


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Oaks Firetrail work

Posted on 11-03-2014 19:55, by NPWS, ChopStiR

Work is being done on the last two kilometers of singletrack on the Oaks Firetrail ride. This is the singletrack that really makes the Woodford to Glenbrook ride memorable. Apparently the Synergy Trails team (of Old mans valley fame) is involved so hopefully it doesn't become just another section of flow trail.

Upgrade works to Woodford Oaks Mountain Bike Trail - section CLOSED - diversion in place
A 2km section of the Woodford Oaks Mountain Bike track will be closed from Tuesday 11th March until May, 2014.  This closure will be in place 7 days a week, while we are undertaking major repair and upgrade works.

CLOSED:  -  the lower 2km section of the route (single track) - from the helipad gate (near Euroka Road junction)  to the end of the single track at Glenbrook Causeway car park.

DIVERSIONS:  - will be in place, and cyclists will be able to complete the ride by re-joining the road an...


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Where to for IMBA Au?

Posted on 09-03-2014 19:03, by Nick Bowman, Grant B

 As announced a few days ago, Nick Bowman has submitted his resignation as Director of IMBA Au.

for better or worse.... I (Nick Bowman) have handed my resignation in to MTBA / IMBA Australia......

It is with much regret that I must inform you of my resignation as National Director of the IMBA Australia program and my position at MTBA.

This has not been an easy decision. This decision is based primarily on the need to spend more quality time with my family and live a more healthy lifestyle so I can be here for them in the future.

I also feel that I am unable to meet all the demands of the position while maintaining a positive home life. I feel strongly that MTBA need someone who is committed 120% to make trail ...


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Get off your mountain bike, urge Kosciuszko National Park defenders

Posted on 02-03-2014 19:23, by Kirsty Needham

A plan to give mountain bikes greater access to Kosciuszko National Park as the sport booms has upset environment groups, who argue tourism operators risk turning the wilderness into a theme park.

The Kosciuszko Thredbo resort charges hundreds of dollars for mountain bike riders to use lifts and trails in the summer, and has requested permission to build more trails in back country areas.

In response, the O'Farrell government has released a draft plan of management that removes a ban on cycling in the habitats of threatened species at Kosciuszko, or where cycling on a trail poses an unacceptable safety risk to walkers. The plan encourages cycling on shared-use tracks that are to be purpose-built.

National Parks Association chief executive Kevin Evans says the changes are ''completely inappropriate'' and will put too much pressure on the alpine environment.

''It changes a natural area into man-modified,...


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